Robotic process automation

Our expert RPA teams are helping our clients free up people's time and move and act more rapidly, by automating their everyday business processes.
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Creating a faster, simpler route to business automation through our flexible service

We deliver RPA as a Service so organisations can automate and accelerate their business processes on demand.

This means you gain all the operational benefits of RPA, but without the need for costly investment in technology infrastructure, licences or professional services. We bring the flexibility of using RPA at peak times, only when you need it.

We can provide true value at each stage of the RPA process, boosting productivity, reducing errors, improving compliance and removing the repetitive, manual tasks that consume your people’s time. Instead they can focus on your customers and on the situations that require the human touch.

As your partner, we’ll identify the RPA opportunities which would have the most impact on your business. Then we’ll design, implement and manage the bots that will transform your processes, and run seamlessly with your operation, without demanding major changes to your organisation.

How RPA delivers


Faster and more efficient.

RPA can dramatically increase processing speeds. Efficiency and productivity improve, as does accuracy, as the human error of mis-keying is removed.


Stronger customer focus

Your people are saved from non-value add tasks. They can spend more time concentrating on your customers, and their own motivation rises as repetitive and unnecessary activities are eliminated.


Greater insight

We’ll help you configure your automation to gather extensive management information, analyse and visualise your performance, and give you greater visibility over decisions and outcomes as a result.


Compliant and agile

RPA’s ability to deliver detailed audit trails on completed processes makes compliance easier. Meanwhile, its rapid and targeted scalability will boost the agility of your workforce and your business.

The future of work

Capita has collaborated with Professor Lynda Gratton, Hotspots Movement and BritainThinks, to look at how the world of work is changing.

Our report calls for honest dialogue and coordinated action by businesses and policy makers to support employees in the transition to a more automated world. Through engaging directly with people across the UK, whose jobs have already changed due to automation – from factory and call centre operatives, to logistics and public service administrators – this report explores the rapidly changing relationships between business and employees, people and technology.

The resulting ‘framework for responsible automation’ presents five guiding principles to encourage the implementation of new workplace technologies in a way that will give automation the best chance possible to deliver on its potential in a way that benefits everyone.

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