Debt management requires a careful balance – you want customers to feel supported and treated fairly based on their individual circumstances (just as the Financial Conduct Authority requires you to do), but you also need the continuation of income. Our experienced collections agents, technology and analytics capability help you to achieve this equilibrium.
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Adopting a human-centred, fair approach to debt management

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a new economic landscape, one in which people with good credit histories who have never been in debt before are turning to creditors for help until they can recover. When any customer falls behind with their payments, how you respond is critical, in terms of both brand reputation and reassuring them so they feel supported – and, therefore, minded – to make suitable payment arrangements with you. Treating them fairly, based on their individual circumstances, is the right thing to do in this new landscape.

From the very first interaction, you have an opportunity to treat your customers with empathy and fairness, steering them towards the right payment outcomes while maintaining your reputation for first-class customer service and differentiating yourself from the competition.

In fact, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has made fairness a matter of compliance, and it has imposed large fines on some high street banks that haven’t treated their customers fairly.

We believe in taking a human-centred response, wrapping our people, process and systems around each customer to support them in their moment of need, whether responding to an enquiry or proactively offering support where customers are displaying the early warning signs of financial pressure. Our blend of experienced, empathetic agents, combined with the latest technology and analytics capability, not only delivers personalised journeys but also predicts when and how to reach out. And, as you’d expect, we’re FCA authorised.

We’re currently supporting a range of leading banks, utilities, telecoms and finance firms by applying our unique approach to debt management to manage their critical and sensitive customer interactions.

Treating customers fairly in collections 

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