Delivering fair outcomes for customers through complaint handling

Capita provides end-to-end customer complaint handling and remediation solutions. This includes managing contact centres and redress payments, and system design and configuration to support your customer service processes.

Our analytics help resolve cases and our automation tools allow your people to spend less time on basic processes and enquiries and more time securing the best customer resolutions.

We’ve handled more than three million complaints and paid more than £7bn in remediation on behalf of clients. Since 1998, we’ve worked on a range of FCA regulation reviews, including PPI mis-selling.

By creating intelligent complaint handling systems, we’re helping clients deal with current issues and prepare for future challenges too.

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Why fixing a customer’s complaint really is the least you can do

Contact centre representative

Recently the Institute of Customer Services' CEO Jo Causon described how the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index showed the number of customers having problems with organisations had risen to a record high.

As Jo Causon rightly said, firms have become much better at the process of handling complaints and are now generally good at it. However, they can still forget that at the other end of that process there’s a customer being impacted by it, and the situation is more complicated than it may appear.

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Our services include:

  • Complaint management

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Operational control frameworks

  • Remediation campaigns

  • Complaints advisory

  • Interim resourcing

How can we help your business progress?

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